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Thinking Of Moving In The Next 6 Months?

Take advantage of Rick’s “Move Up / Move Down” Home Buyer Program

If you’re thinking about selling your house in the next 6 months now is a very good time to consider it. Our real estate market is doing very well and is expected to continue.

There are closing costs associated when selling or buying a house. When selling your house, the closing costs are deducted from the sales price so you don’t need to bring any “out of pocket” money to closing. However, when buying a house you will need to bring “out of pocket money” to pay for your down payment and closing costs. Closing costs for the purchase of a house are typically about 1% of the selling price.

Before buying a house one typically needs to sell theirs first. You may know that I list and sell houses in our neighborhood but I also do help buyers to find and purchase a house. So if you employ me to help you find a house and to sell your current one my offer is to give you a 1% closing cost credit on the house you buy. For example, closing cost credit on a $400,000 house would be $4000.

So if you are interested in the offer please feel free to contact Rick at 480 -204-1228 or

And if you have a friend or family member who could benefit from my Move Up program, I’d be happy to make it available to them as well! Thanks, Rick

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